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Black Magic Vegie Garden Soil $89m3

Black Magic Vegie Garden Soil $89m3

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We have taken our very popular Organic Garden Soil, and SUPERCHARGED it. Especially made for veggie gardens. Can also be mixed into existing soil to boost it.

Black Magic Vegie Soil is a complete garden soil for your vegetables containing composted organics, mineral sand and ash. Roughly a third of our Black Magic Vegie Soil consists of small bits of organic matter, weathered rock that has gradually been broken down by the forces of wind, rain, freezing and thawing. 

Organic matter is the partially decomposed remains of soil organisms and plant life including lichens and mosses, grasses and leaves, trees, and all other kinds of vegetative matter.

Organic matter is absolutely essential. It binds together soil particles into porous crumbs or granules which allow air and water to move through the soil. Organic matter also retains moisture (humus holds up to 90 percent of its weight in water), and is able to absorb and store nutrients. Most importantly, organic matter is food for micro-organisms. The hidden "magic" in a healthy soil is the organisms—small animals, worms, insects and microbes—that flourish when the other soil elements are in balance.

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