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Turf Nullabor Couch $9m2

Turf Nullabor Couch $9m2

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Nullarbor Couch is a sun-loving grass that requires a specific quantity of sunshine to thrive. A location with at least six hours of daily sunlight is ideal for growing Nullarbor Couch grass. This will make it more likely that the grass will get the sun and warmth it needs to flourish.

Indigenous to Australia, where it has adapted to the hot, dry conditions. It has a great tolerance for foot and animal traffic is one of its strongest attributes, making it a popular choice for use in residential and sports landscaping projects like football and cricket grounds. All our turf is cut to order which keeps it super fresh for when it gets delivered to you. 

Minimum order is 10 m2.

Delivery is by the turf farm. The delivery costs are seperate to our delivery costs and added at checkout. Delivery is next day, Monday - Saturday. Order by 2pm the day before.

Pickup available from Flagstone. Place pickup orders by 2pm Thursday. Pickup is Friday and Saturday. We will text you when it is ready for pickup.

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